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Jackie Robinson : My Story

Executive Producer : Michael B. Sutton

Clients Reviews

  • JBernieCap / Band Leader
    I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mike Sutton and Imerica. Before Drivetime was introduced to Imerica I felt our marketing and our product was falling short of our expectations. Thanks to Imerica our course has been correct and our brand and material has received more attention then we have in the last eight years of our independent efforts. I recommend Imerica to anyone who wants to step up their visibility and attain a more successful career.</p> <p>
  • Glenn Friedman CEO, The Music Umbrella
    Congrats to Mike Sutton and his associates for his ongoing campaign for one of our clients, Beatrice Mason. We highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to start the branding process for their talent, across the layers of multimedia and online.
  • Jack Melton
    ``Mike Sutton is ‘THE GUY’ that can launch your career to the next level and is just an overall great person. He’s a trusted and valuable member of our team.``
  • Angie Whitney, Musician
    Working with Michael Sutton and Imerica Entertainment is amazing and I have found that working with Michael is one of the best things I have done in my singing career. Michael Sutton produced my CD projects (That’s What Love Is All About; Angie Whitney Sings the Standards, Volumes 1 and 2; and Christmas with Angie Whitney). Because of his expertise, dedication, professionalism, and talent, my albums are fantastic and listened to over and over again by my Fans. Michael is a great singer, and uses his knowledge of music, lead vocals, background vocal arrangements and collaboration with great musicians to create a product that all generations can enjoy. Michael is friendly, warm and very supportive and I always look forward with our recording sessions.
  • Gale Rosenberg President Web 'n Retail
    The services that Imerica Entertainment provides are essential for any band or brand. Their level of expertise is far superior to other firms we have used in the past.
  • Beatrice Mason
    I am very pleased with the work that Michael Sutton and his Imerica Entertainment has done so far on our social media and internet radio campaign
  • Cheryl D. Barnes
    I am very happy to say that I wholeheartedly endorse IMERICA ENTERTAINMENT and its creator and leader, Michael Sutton. My experience with I.E. And Michael have been fulfilling and productive throughout our association. I have benefitted from the expertise that Michael has honed throughout his years in this business. He has developed relationships with top pros who provide effective, productive and sophisticated work in all aspects of the business from A-Z. He deals with people with great experience who do their work in a timely, effective and professional manner. He provides expertise in every are required to promote and market a project from creating a song to recording to celebrating a GRAMMY win.</p> <p>I had certain goals in mind when I met Michael and IMERICA ENTERTAINMENT was instrumental in making most of them come to fruition. Because of the internet/social media; radio and print exposure that I received, my BRAND grew exponentially over a year and a half time. My music has been and continues to be played all over the world and my fan base expands weekly.</p> <p>Finally, the reason I signed on with IMERICA ENTERTAINMENT/Michael Sutton is because of his integrity. This is a welcome trait in any business and especially in the music business.
I trust him because he has been open and fair in whatever he has presented to me and has been thoughtful and careful about what he has presented. He tries to get a reasonable deal with the various vendors for his clients and he follows up to make sure all promised is delivered.</p> <p>I am happy to partner with IMERICA ENTERTAINMENT/Michael Sutton and look forward to a continuing relationship for a long time.</p> <p>

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